Lincoln of Memphis FobPad Design

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Product design and development for Lincoln of Memphis

This is a new product I designed and developed for the auto market. It’s a great marketing piece dealerships can customize with their brand and can be used to hold the extra key fob, usb for the final papers and business cards. I called it the FobPad.

Haute Smokes Cannabis Startup Kit

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Haute Smokes Cannabis Startup Kit with Gold Foil Stamp

This project was a launch kit for Haute Smokes. They are a startup company trying to promote their brand in a new market that legally began on January 1, 2018 in California. This custom mag box has a simple design logo design that was gold foil stamped on black ultima.

Catalog Design

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Sunrise Packaging Catalog

This is a sample of a catalog design for Sunrise Packaging. These catalogs are used for tradeshows and some are mailed to customers who would like to see one instead of looking online.

Sunrise FlashPad™

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Sunrise FlashPads Design

This project is a design for a FlashPad for a tradeshow. A FlashPad™ upscale custom USB package intended for companies looking to outsmart rather than outspend their competition. The FlashPad™ is an impressive option that features turned edge technology to provide value to your product and brand. The FlashPad™ can be customized to hold USB […]